Beets with chewy cherries, malt and pistachio crumble, cream cheese, Beurre Noisette

Serves 10 as a starter


  • 8                    Medium sized red beets
  • –                     Vegetable oil
  • –                     Coarse salt
  • 2                    Beets for juice
  • 0,5 bottle       Cherry beer
  • 2 tbsp            Beetroot vinegar

Rub the beets with oil and salt. Bake 5 hours at 160°C. Allow the beets to rest 30 mins. Grate the raw beets in a juicer and mix the juice with beer and vinegar. Peel the baked beets and cut them into smaller pieces. Fry the pieces in a saucepan and glaze them with the juice.

Apple leather

  • 500 g              Apple
  • 3 g                 Long pepper
  • 2 sprig            Lemon thyme

Remove the core from the apples, cut the apples into pieces and fry them in a saucepan with long pepper until the apple caramelizes. Pluck the leaves from the thyme and add them. Mix to obtain a smooth cream and press the cream through a sieve. Spread the cream evenly onto a silicone sheet and dry in the oven at 100°C Cut out circles with a pastry cutter.

Brown butter emulsion

  • 100 g              Butter Arla®
  • 50 ml             Vegetable oil
  • 2                     Egg yolks
  • –                     Champagne vinegar
  • –                     Salt

Brown the butter and add the oil. Allow the butter to cool to room temperature. Combine egg yolks, vinegar and salt. Add the oil slowly while whisking until the cream thickens. Season with salt and pour into a piping bag.

Malt crumble

  • 20 g                Malt flour
  • 50 g                Ground almonds
  • 40 g                Wheat flour
  • 3 g                   Salt
  • 60 g                Butter
  • 1 msk             Honey

Combine all ingredients to a dough. Flatten it onto a silicone sheet and bake for 15 min in an oven at 150°C. Stir occasionally to obtain an even coloration.

Cream cheese

  • 200 g              Sour cream Arla®
  • 1 tsk               Salt
  • 30 g               Horseradish

Boil all ingredients together until the sour cream curdles. Press the cream cheese in a coffee filter and leave to drain until serving.



  • 50 ml             Pistachios
  • 50 g                Cheese Almnäs tegel
  • 1 dl                Dried cherries (frozen cherries, dried overnight at 80°C)