Charred Zander with miso, oyster-filled kohlrabi, chilled vegetable consommé and lumpfish roe

Serves 10 as a starter

Charred Zander with miso

400 g              Skinless Zander

50 g                Miso paste

20 g                Quince

15 g                Japanese light soy (Kikkoman if possible)

Dry cure the zander in salt and allow to rest in the refrigerator. Mix miso paste, quince and soy sauce. Slice the zander just before service, brush with the miso marinade and char with a gas burner. Brush with the marinade again.

Oyster emulsion

3                    Fresh oysters

1                    Egg yolk

10 g                Lemon

200 g             Kombu infused oil*

Mix all ingredients except the oil with a hand mixer. Add the kombu oil in a thin stream until the mixture thickens. Season. Place in a piping bag and place in the fridge.

*3oo ml cooking oil + 300 g Kombu. Vacuumpack and bake sous vide at   73°C for a minimum of 12 hours.

Kohlrabi flowers

2                    Kohlrabi

100 g              Pickling liquid

1 piping bag    Oyster emulsion

Shave the kohlrabi thinly on a mandolin. Take out slices with a cookie cutter and place in a vacuum bag with the pickling liquid. Allow to infuse at room temperature.  Strain off the liquid and place the kohlrabi on a dry cloth. Pipe oyster emulsion onto the kohlrabi slices and fold into flowers as shown by your chef.

Chilled vegetable consommé

185 g              Tomatillos

50 g                Pea shoots

55 g                Kohlrabi

250 g              Cucumber

Run all ingredients through a juicer. Finish with the cucumber. Run through a fine sieve and strain again through a muslin. Place in the fridge whilst the liquid drips through the cloth.

Charred Enoki

8 g                 Enoki mushrooms

20                  Chives

500 g              Water

10 g                Liura Pea soy (can be bought in well stocked supermarkets)

10 g                Lemon juice

Blanch the chives for 10 seconds in boiling water and chill in ice water. Tie bouquets of enoki with the chive ribbons. Set aside. Place on a baking sheet just prior to serving, spray the bouquets with pea soy and lemon juice. Char with a gas burner.

Tarragon and Horseradish oil

20 g                Tarragon

50 g                Spinach

1 st                 Jalapeno

40 g                Horseradish

350 g              Cooking oil

Mix all ingredients with the oil for approximately 2 minutes until you have a bright green oil. Run through a fine sieve.


100 g              Lumpfish roe

20 g                Nasturtium

Pick the nasturtium leaves from the stems and place between sheets of damp kitchen roll. Store in the fridge.