Grilled lamb with ramson-filled dumplings, braised lamb shank gravy, chard, yoghurt and mint

Grilled lamb with ramson-filled dumplings, braised lamb shank gravy, chard, yoghurt and mint 

10 p


  • 1.5 kg                Lamb
  • 2 cloves            Garlic
  • 4 sprigs            Thyme
  • 4 sprigs            Rosemary
  • 4 tbsp               Olive oil

Place the lamb in a bag along with the other ingredients. Vacuum seal and bake the lamb sous-vide at 62°C for about 11/2 hours. Let the lamb rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Grill just before serving.


  • 750 g               Almond potatoes
  • 75 g                 Potato starch
  • 2                      Egg yolks
  • 50 g                Butter

Filling for dumplings

  • 30 g                 Butter
  • 2                       Shallots
  • 125 g               Havgus Cheese
  • 20 g                 Ramson leaves
  • 3 g                   Salt
  • 50 g                 Butter (for frying)

Boil the potatoes (skin on). Press the cooked potatoes through a sieve. Mix the potato pulp with the potato starch, egg yolk and butter into a dough. Season with salt.

Chop the shallots and sweat in a pan with butter. Grate the cheese and chop the ramsons, mix the cooked shallots with cheese, ramson, salt and pepper.

Shape the potato dough into small balls and make a cavity in each with your thumb. Fill the dumplings with the cheese filling and seal the hole.  Steam the dumplings at 100°C steam for 12 min.  Finally; fry in butter just before serving.

Braised lamb shanks / Gravy

  • 2                     Lamb shanks
  • 1                     Carrot
  • 1                     Brown onion
  • 3                    Garlic cloves
  • 4 sprigs        Thyme and rosemary
  • 300 ml         White wine
  • 500 ml         Chicken stock
  • 2 pinches     Voatsiperifery pepper
  • 1/2 l              Water
  • 300 ml         Red wine
  • 2                    Shallots

Peel and chop the carrots, onions and garlic. Brown the vegetables, herbs and spices in the pressure cooker. De-glaze with white wine, then add the chicken stock.

Brown the lamb shanks in oil in a frying pan. Transfer the meat in the pressure cooker and cook for 1 hour.  Release the steam and strain the stock into a saucepan. Remove the meat from the lamb shanks. Add the red wine and reduce the sauce by half. Finely chop the shallots and set aside. Return the meat to the pan along with the chopped shallots. Season the gravy with salt, pepper and vinegar.

Deep Fried potato nests

  • 1                    Baking potato
  • 5 g                Ramson leaves

Run the potato through a lathe into cold water. Rinse with plenty of cold water to remove the starch. Portion the potato ribbons on an oven tray and deep-fry into small balls/nests.  Chop the ramson finely and sprinkle  over the potato nests.

Yogurt and mint oil

  • 250 g             Turkish yoghurt
  • 20 g               Spinach
  • 10 g               Mint leaves
  • 100 ml          Cooking oil

Pour the yogurt into a coffee filter, leave to hang at room temperature for at least 3 hours. Blitz mint, spinach and cooking oil in a mixer for about 2 minutes at the highest power, strain through fine-mesh strainer. Season with salt.

Grilled butter

  • 70 g                Butter
  • 1 tbsp             Ras el Hanout
  • 3                      Garlic cloves
  • 3 sprigs          Thyme

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer on a low heat for about 2 hours. Then put a few smoldering pieces of coal in the butter, then strain the butter.


  • 20 leaves       Baby chard
  •                         Forvm balsamic vinegar
  •                         Wood sorrel

Place the chard on a plate. Spray the chard leaves with vinegar and season with salt just before serving – NOT EARLIER!