Johan Backéus deep fried Potato nests

Serves 4 (2-3 pcs per guest)

Potato balls

  • 4 Large baking potatoes
  • 1 l Cooking oil

Peel the potatoes and shred them finely, making long ribbons if you can. If you have a spiralizer we recommend you use this. Wash the potato ribbons, making sure the starch in the potatoes has been rinsed out. Arrange the ribbons in a tea-egg and deep fry in oil at 140°C until golden.

Place the fried potato nests on kitchen paper to drain and season with salt.

These are perfect to serve with bleak roe, sour cream, red onion and dill, or as an accompaniment with any dish where you would have served fries. These potato nests are a bit more festive and playful on the plate.