Spicy lamb with ramson croquette, grilled yellow beets and roast garlic lamb jus

Serves 10 as part of a larger menu


1,5 kg              Silverside of Lamb

2                      Garlic cloves

4                      Sprigs of Thyme

4 tbsp             Olive oil

2 tbsp              Zaatar

Fry the lamb, browning the whole piece well.  Season the lamb with the zaatar and place it in a vacuum bag with the remaining ingredients. Bake the lamb sous vide at 60°C for approximately 1-1½ hour. Let the lamb rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Ramson croquettes

500 g              Almond potatoes

50 g                Butter

50 g                Plain flour

100 ml           Double cream

150 ml            Milk

2                     Egg yolks

90 g                Svedjan hard cheese

10 g                Ramsons

10 g                Parsley

120 g            Plain flour

2                    Eggs

75 g                Panko

Boil the potatoes. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour and whisk. Add the milk and cream a little at the time and whisk to a smooth batter. Pass the potatoes through a sieve and fold them into the batter. Add the egg yolks, the grated cheese and the herbs. Season with salt and pepper and chill the batter. Roll into little balls and bread in flour, whisked egg and finally in panko. Place the croquettes cold and deep fry just prior to serving.

Salt baked/grilled yellow beets

10                   Yelllow beets

Salt dough

500 g               Water

550 g               Plain flour

250 g               Salt

90 g                 Cooking oil

Rinse all dirt off the beets. Cover the beets with the salt dough and bake at 160°C for approximately 2 hours. Remove the dough and grill the beets gently with cooking oil so you achieve a smokey flavour. Peel the beets and cut according to instruction.

Lamb jus

500 g               Roasted Lamb stock

2                      Carrots

1                      Brown onion

6                     Thyme and Rosemary sprigs

300 g              White wine

100 g               Red wine

100 g               Fermented plum purée

8                     Garlic cloves

Peel and chop carrots and onion. Brown them in a saucepan. Deglace the pan with white wine and add the lamb stock. Reduce the sauce by half. Cover the garlic cloves in cooking oil a saucepan and roast them. Mix to a purée. Season the sauce with roast garlic purée, fermented plum purée and red wine.

Ramson mayonnaise

20 g                Ramsons

20 g                Spinach

300 g             Cooking oil

2                     Egg yolks

1 tbsp              Dijon

1 tbsp              Champagne vinegar

Mix ramsons, spinach and cooking oil on high effect in a blender. Pour through a fine sieve. Mix egg yolks, dijon and champagne vinegar. Add the oil in a think stream whilst constantly mixing. Season with salt.

Rapeseed sprouts

10                   Rapeseed sprouts

1                      Garlic cloves

2 tbsp              Lemon juice

2 tbsp              Cooking oil

2 tbsp              Japanese light soy sauce (Kikkoman if available)

Make a vinaigrette with the garlic, lemon juice, cooking oil and soy sauce. Set aside for later. Just before it’s time to serve the dish, fry the rapeseed sprouts in a hot pan with a little oil. When they start to colour, toss them in the vinaigrette.


3                      Yellow beets

100 g               Pickling liquid

10 g                Wood sorrel

Spiralise the yellow beets and place in ice water. Strain off the water and let the beets dry. Toss in the pickling liquid just before serving.