Sucette -An Approach to Relaxation


An Approach to Relaxation may seem like an odd name for a wine producer, but when you find out that the company is made up of two americans living in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), producing wine in Australia things become a little clearer. Richard and Carla met by a coincidence in NYC and it turned out that they had the same passion for traveling and wine. They ended up owning one of the coolest vineyards on the planet.

The vineyard is called  Rza Block and is located in the eastern pocket of the Barossa Valley. The vines here are over 150 years old and grow in sandy soil that are fairly arid at barely 300 m elevation above sea level. The temperatures in summer can vary between + 40°C in the daytime to under 10°C at night.

The wine is made from 100% Grenache that grow as ”bush vines” – meaning they’ve not been pruned so hard, but rather grow as bushes or small wild olive trees.

Vinification & Terroir

Everything is hand picked and handled very gently. The grapes are picked during a cool night to keep oxidation to a minimum. The wine ferments for 8-10 days and is then stored for 12 months on old french barrels.

Flavour profile

Large complexity in scent and flavour. Deep red fruit full of berries such as strawberries and raspberries. There’s also a soft spiciness and minerality that draws the mind to mild salty liquorice. Incredible long after taste.


An Approach to Relaxation


Brossa Valley, Australien