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Chef’s Table


Chef’s table, for the connaisseur

Are you a lover of great food? Are you inspired by close proximity to it and the people who create it?  Do you want to see and experience how the professionals create the epic dishes? For you and your special guests we offer AVEQIAs Chef’s Table.

On these occasions you don’t have roll up your sleeves or pull on an apron as the chefs are centre stage. They set the menu and theme based on what they are interested in and inspired by at the time. This means that you and your guests are able to stand next to the chef, drink fantastic wines, observe and ask questions as your meal is cooked before you.

An intimate experience

We use our smallest kitchen studios for these dinners and this means we’ve only got 8 seats available for a truly intimate experience. The menu can vary in size from 4-10 dishes and it’s only the chefs imagination that sets the limits. The drinks are of course matched with the menu as always at AVEQIA.

You are able to book our Chef’s Table as a private or corporate event. If you would like us to arrange a bespoke Chef’s Table for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know your requirements.


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