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Do you represent a company in the food and beverage industry and have a need to hire a cooking studio for filming, photography, press events or test cooking?

In that case; the search is over! AVEQIA has 600 square metres consisting of 6 individual cooking studios in different sizes, centrally located in Stockholm. Here you are able to book space for filming, photo sessions, digital wine tastings, menu generation or sampling events – the sky’s the limit. Our kitchens are fully equipped with extractor fans, hobs, ovens, vacuum drawers, chill blasters, air purifiers and refrigerators*, so you are able to cook, style, promote or educate to your hearts content.

We’re used to running digital cooking sessions, so if you need a chef in front of the camera – look no further. We can also assist with recipe creation and food kit assembly if you so desire. You could say that we are a one-stop-shop for all types of food-, beverage-, and cooking activities.

Do you need more information or do you want to discuss an idea? Just fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 08-522 703 70.

*all our equipment from our partner Electrolux and is the latest technology in the market.


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