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When everybody’s working from home or if you have colleagues widely distributed over a large geographical area it’s difficult to gather all your colleagues for joint activity. At times like this it can be fun to run a digital cooking session as a part of a conference or team day to boost motivation.  Alternatively you can gather your group for a joint dinner with or without conference elements.

When you hire AVEQIA for a digital cooking session we can arrange everything from recipes, distribution of groceries as well as provide you with a chef to stand in front of the camera, leading your team through the steps of actual cooking. We can arrange the technical details or we can work with your  own production team.

The program can vary based on your purpose and objective with the exercise, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in discussing the options for your dream scenario.

Your digital cooking session can of course be combined with an inspirational talk or workshop. We can offer you a wide range of alternatives through our partners Profile Agency, Malcolm Larri or Amplify.

You can also combine your cooking session with a digital tasting session if you want to go all in with the gastronomy!

Do you represent a company that is searching for a cooking studio to hire for filming/photography/cook-alongs or similar? Please look no further, just click here.


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