Interactive Cooking & Dining


Why cook together?

AVEQIA’s Interactive Cooking & Dining experience adds unique value to your meeting.

Under the guidance of our professional chefs you prepare food that you’ll enjoy together as a group. You will use ingredients and techniques that are at the highest international standards and we can guarantee that you and your guests will be inspired throughout the experience.

1. The Activity

 At AVEQIA we find that a love of food and dining unifies people and the experience of cooking engages your participants in a unique way, whether an experienced or novice cook. Our professional chefs will explain the menu and different techniques, which will continually educate and inspire your guests during your event.

2. The Introduction

There is a bit of excitement in the air…. It’s not every day that your guests cook fine food together with highly trained chefs, and to make everyone feel welcome we start the lunch or dinner with a drinks reception.

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3. In the Kitchen

Each cooking station is allocated a team to prepare, cook and plate up one of the dishes from the menu. Creating teams within your party is often an important part of the experience. These teams can be designed to allow guests to find new depth in existing relationships, or to serve as an introduction. Everyone dons an AVEQIA apron, roll up their sleeves and are guided by our chefs through a world of aromas, flavours and techniques to the final destination; your menu.

4. The Meal

Our Interactive Cooking & Dining experience is an engaging and collaborative event and when all the preparations are finished, it’s nice to relax at the table and enjoy the meal, the company and some great wines. The dishes are served with pride by each team to their fellow guests. It is truly a night to remember!

5. The Bar

To complete the activity, we finish the experience by inviting your guests to the bar for digestifs or a coffee, which enables you to wrap up important discussions or share experiences with their team and fellow guests.

6. After the event…

After the event we will send you a link to the menu with recipes and wine pairings so you and your guests are able to recreate the magic from the evening at home!


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