Chambre Séparée på AVEQIA

Kick-off at AVEQIA


Kick-off – a great start to the season!

All teams need a good start to the season, and what could be better than an inspiring collaborative exercise around the creation of fantastic food with AVEQIAs top chefs?

Interactive cooking, where your party is divided into teams that have to deliver the dishes in a three- or four course menu, is the perfect energiser and team building exercise when you want to start up a team or important project. The activity  emphasises how important every single participant is and the result is utterly dependent on the collaborative skills of your team. The delicious tasting menu that you cook together is a nice finish or perhaps an inspiring break to the day. Interactive Cooking can be carried out any time of the day – just let us know what would work best for you and your group. We can also offer excellent conference facilities for groups of varying sizes.

Fill out or enquiry form below, alternatively; give us a call and we’ll be able to assist you in creating an event to suit your requirements.




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AVEQIA’s Interactive Cooking & Dining experience adds unique value to your meeting.

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Chambre Séparée på AVEQIA

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