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Dining in seclusion

Interactive cooking is a very social experience, and without having to compromise when it comes to participation or the dining experience, you may require complete privacy for your event.

Sometimes you need to discuss sensitive matters, have very high profile guests, or you may simply want to relax in a totally private environment. At AVEQIA we have great experience in handling board meetings, closing dinners, management team get togethers or the like. Our private dining rooms guarantees seclusion for all our clients.

You can choose to engage your group in our Interactive cooking activity or you can book your private chef to prepare and serve you your meal in your private dining room. You can also choose our Chef’s Table if you’d like the dinner to be a bit more entertaining! We offer packages based on guest numbers and the private room is always included in the cover price.

Please contact our booking team if you have any questions, or if you want to book a private dining experience with us.


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