Spice up your teambuilding event with Radical Collaboration


“The art of listening is a critical skill for increased and improved collaboration”

Have you ever considered how the way you (and others) listen can affect your relationships, and in the longer perspective; the way you collaborate.

Svante Ljungberg has for many years….

Svante is passionate about making organisations function better, and for the people within them to feel better, enjoy themselves, to work effectively and that their output is of the highest quality. This passion eventually led him to Radical Collaboration….

Through Radical Collaboration…

…and the methods that are found within the discipline Svante and AVEQIA now offer a selection of lectures that will enhance your corporate day out. Through learning different techniques for listening, collaboration and/or interest based problem solving your group will gain tools that’ll enable you to build confidence and trust both internally and externally; a condition for a happier working life and better business.

Svante often takes the role of change manager, project manager or investigator. He is a certified Business architect, Change Manager and Talent Manager. He is also licensed Management 3.0 Agile Coach and Certified Coach of Radical Collaboration.

Together with Svante AVEQIA can now offer three different lectures where you and your group explore Collaboration based on how much time you have at your disposal.

  1. The first option is a 30-minute inspirational lecture with practical applications of where Svante discusses listening as a tool to build trust. The art of good listening is basic for improved collaborative skills.
  2. The second option is a 60-minute lecture with practical excercises in Collaboration. Here you will find out what factors determine why collaboration works better contra worse with certain people, and what we need to do to improve our ability to create great, long term collaborative relationships.
  3. The last option is a 3-hour lecture and workshop in which you and your group explore interest based problem solving. This technique provides you with tools that will increase your ability of having your interests met whilst creating good long term relationships.

Does this make you curious? Give us a ring on 010-160 54 00 (AVEQIA Stockholm) or 010-160 54 50 (AVEQIA Gothenburg), alternatively fill out your details in the contact form and we’ll contact you for a discussion around your needs.


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