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Teambuilding through cooking

Interactive Cooking & Dining is a perfect teambuilding and corporate activity. The ability to collaborate and work as a team is put to the test and developed.

The participants are divided into teams that are responsible for the preparation of one dish in an overall menu that you consume together. By working under the guidance of our professional chefs you will feel the pulse of a real restaurant kitchen where exact timing and collaboration is crucial.

The focus can also be aimed at the roles and dynamics within the group to further enhance the teambuilding aspect of the activity. Interactive Cooking & Dining is exciting and challenging, but a relaxed excercise where you and your colleagues have to come together in order to achieve the final objective; relaxing and dining together as a group.

Contact us and let us know your requirements so we can assist in creating the perfect event for you.

If you want to add extra edge to your day with us, we are able to offer a number of add-on modules i collaboration with our partners. We can offer interesting speakers from Profile AgencyInnovation workshops with Amplify, Inspirational workshops in Radical Collaboration or Selfleadership with Brave Coach Malcolm Larri.

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Would you like more information on teambuilding at AVEQIA or would you like to make a booking? Please contact us by filling out the form below alternatively give us a ring on 010-160 54 00 (Stockholm) or 010-160 54 50 (Göteborg) and we’ll help you tailor a teambuilding day based on your requirements.




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