Vegan menu at AVEQIA


Healthy flavours with vegan food

For us, flavours are as important as the concept. If you are curious about vegan food we offer a gastronomic experience that will take you deeper into fantastic produce and their preparation.

The plant based kitchen where the vegetables are in focus is a fantastic way of using produce, and to experience new flavours. It is also a hot topic today as many people want to find new green inspiration for environmental and health reasons.

At AVEQIA our passion for food and flavours inspired us to pick up on the massive interest in vegan, merging this with our expertise in inspiration through Interactive cooking events. Here we are able to create a fantastic experience together with you and your guests.

Vegan & Raw food-chef Ida Högberg at AVEQIA

In order to offer our guests a high-class gastronomic experience we have a partnership with well known vegan and raw food chef Ida Högberg. In collaboration with AVEQIAs team of chefs Ida has created an exciting menu and inspiring experience. The 4-course menu that we prepare together consists of creatively prepared vegetables.

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