Amanda lagar mat

Amanda Holm

“To get together around food, exchanging experiences could be the most natural and pure way of meeting new people!”

Amanda Holm, chef AVEQIA Stockholm

Amanda Holm from Strängnäs is one of our most recent stars at AVEQIA Stockholm. Her mother introduced her to flavours very early on and from age 2 she was her mothers stready companion and assistant in the kitchen. As time went by, she became more independent in her gastronomic adventures, but despite this, it wasn’t totally natural for Amanda to choose gastronomy as a career. Initially she felt the pressure of seeking a future in academia, but after a year of studying chemistry and physics she realised life was too short, so she changed direction and haven’t regretted that for a second!

Her advice to young chefs is not to give up! The industry can seem a little tough and old fashioned sometimes, but if you get past the first obstacles and crack on there are loads of opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Amanda is driven by her passion and curiosity, and she wants to inspire girls and women to the industry. She’s grateful she’s had a great mentor and friend in Lars Niklasson; who’s also been an influence when it comes to her philosophy on cooking. Other things that inspire her is fantastic produce, colleagues, friends, places she’s worked at and culture.

“Beautiful produce makes you happy, ideally small scale and biodynamically grown!”

When Amanda eats out she likes genuine places where the love shines through. This can be any kind of place; from a tiny hole in the wall to real fine dining.

We discuss cooking as a team building activity and Amandas view is that it’s a fantastic concept, as all people have a relationship with food and it’s a subject that can be discussed endlessly. She says that “To exchange experiences and gather around food can be the most natural and pure way of meeting new people there is”.

Her favourite memory from the kitchen is when she made her first Crème Brulée at home aged 12. The recipe was old and complicated and the puddings had to be baked off in a bain marie in the oven. She remembers the feeling of joy when her family members cracked the caramelised sugar and took their first bite…. that was a proud moment!

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