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Carlos Andrino

“Common sense, creativity and passion. This is my way of understanding gastronomy.”

Carlos Andrino, Chef and Sommelier AVEQIA Stockholm.

Background: Restaurant Jonas Lundgren and one star restaurant Lux in Stockholm as well as El Portal de Echaurren, a two star restaurant in Spain, and Villa di Amelia, a one star restaurant in Piemonte, Italy.

“I started my career in a small restaurant in the north of Spain where I understood the authentic meaning of this quote”

My passion for cooking led me to travel  around Europe for a few years working in various restaurants of high cuisine. In 2013 I came to Sweden, where I now immerse myself in a new adventure at AVEQIA, where I can share my experience directly with our visitors.”

Private: Methodic innovation with precision


Interactive Cooking & Dining

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