Daniel Lindholm & Magnus Werdenskog

Daniel Lindholm

“There can never be too many cooks in a kitchen –  a lot of cooks mean more delicious food”

Daniel Lindholm. Chef AVEQIA Gothenburg.

Daniels career direction became clear early on as he was a child with a lot of energy and a mother who worked evenings. He took to cooking for himself and his older brother and that was the beginning of a life long passion for food.

After finishing his training Daniel spent 6 years at Ulvsunda slott (under Head Chef Tomas Diederichsen, Meat Chef of the Year 2009 and Chef of the Year  2011). Daniel has also cooked for the Royal Household and Runar Sögaards bröllop. Tomas Diederichsen is one of Daniels role models along with Stefan Ekengren and Fredrik Juhlin – extremely competent chefs he’s had the opportunity to work close to.

Daniel likes spending time with foodie friends, cooking dinners, hunting and fishing. Travel and family are also important ingredients in Daniels life and some of his major sources of inspiration.

 “My passion is the profession and a healthy body. I am very interested in the nutritional value in the food I cook and I take great care with what I eat personally. The profession itself is great as you are able to work close to your guests and be there throughout their experience”.

Daniels advice to aspiring chefs is to taste everything, not to be cocky and first and foremost; to listen. A notebook is a must!

“A great memory I’d like to share is when I was doing work experience and Tom Sjöstedt was at the pass, cooking up dishes for the Chef of the Year competition in 2007.  When he was finished I got to taste the dish, which was awesome”.

About cooking as a team activity Daniel says:

“When people cook together they get closer to oneanother, and as everyone can relate to food the engagement levels become very high”

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