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Ida Högberg

“I am passionate about putting vegetables on the map!”

Ida Högberg, Raw food chef AVEQIA Stockholm.

Ida is a trained rawfood chef and holistic health coach at renown Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. In Sweden she’s worked as a chef at restaurants such as Sthlm Raw, RawFoodFabriken and Matdistriktet.

”I’m passionate about putting green food on the map and to explore new innovative ways of using fruit and vegetables. The advantages of vegan and raw food are many. It’s not just a fantastic source of power, energy and increased wellbeing, it is also a culinary experience! Eating vegan and raw food has really made my life great, and that is a feeling I want to spread to others!”

Ida works with companies, elite athletes and artists inspiring a greener mindset through workshops, events and lectures.

Ida is one of the founders of vegan food company Gigafood and she’s also a professional actress and singer who’s shouldered a number of leads in film, theatre and musicals.

More information about Ida can be found here: www.gigafood.se and www.idahogberg.se.

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