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Joacim Sjöberg

“Passionate, fearless and curious”

Joacim Sjöberg, Chef AVEQIA Stockholm.

Background: Educated at Restaurang- och Hotellhögskolan in Grythyttan. Once finished with his studies he worked at The Restaurant at Meadowood, St. Helena, California, and upon his return to Sweden he worked at Oaxen, Restaurant Svartengrens, Verandan at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and Restaurant Esperanto.

“Food for me is about passion and feeling, to eat freshly made pancakes with grandma or grilled food on the beach in Indonesia. Food is an experience that you share with others and that is exactly what AVEQIA is about. To socialise, have a nice time and cook extremely good food!”

Personally I cook food with character and big flavours. In the winter; cabbage of all kinds, in spring and summer; all the wonderful fresh spring vegetables and in the autumn I cook game and mushrooms! I like food, it’s as easy as that; and food should taste great and be fun!”

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