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Lisa Lönner

“My greatest inspiration comes from my garden and nature. To see a vegetable grow makes you more aware of how to make use of all its parts”

Lisa Lönner. Chef AVEQIA Stockholm.

Lisa Lönner describes her first food memory from when she around 6 years old; she pulled out everything she could find in the kitchen and produced her first restaurant meal consisting of a three course menu and home baked bread.

Lisa and her mother cooked a lot together, and were often out in the wild to collect berries, flowers, mushrooms and herbs to preserve them for winter, using old family recipes. Lisas mother taught her everything about preservation, flowers and foraging and although Lisa’s into more complicated cooking, she says that her mum showed her the importance of selecting great ingredients, giving food time and to eat real stuff. 

“I’ve wanted to be a chef all my life”

Lisa started out in academia and had a fun career in PR, media and events that was both creative and challenging, before deciding to change lifestyle and to work with her greatest passion, cooking. She opened her own restaurant in her familys’ villa in the Stockholm archipelago at Resarö, Vaxholm, and ran it her own way for a hugely successful five years, achieving great accolades and grades in the White Guide. Lisa is also one of the founders of female chef network TakeOver, a large group of Nordic top chefs who work to promote female professionals in higher gastronomy.

Lisa loves top restaurants and fine dining experiences that challenges her feelings and perceptions. OR simple, easy and clean Asian fast food as this type of food is something she doesn’t cook herself.

Lisas’ advice to young chefs is to look after yourself as the long hours, intense work load and fast pace requires a strong body, high intensity and a true passion for food. The reward is a creative, team oriented profession.

When we asked Lisa how she feels about cooking as teambuilding activity she says;

“As I have worked as a business leader and with clients for many years before becoming a chef, I love combining my skills this way. To assist a group in coming together; creating a challenging dish using new techniques requires problem solving and team efficiency second to none! Also, food brings people together and is such a positive force. Therefore I believe in the AVEQIA concept and could not love my job more”

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