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Liv Andersson

Interactive Cooking is a great concept! To be able to spend time with your friends whilst learning something new is really fun

Liv Andersson, Kock AVEQIA Stockholm

Liv Andersson from Bullarebygden loves real butter and the creativity in cooking, to make something that makes an impression and to use ingredients in new ways.

My first food memory is from making cinnamon buns or cooking with my grandmother. When I was with her in the kitchen I always had to stir a pot or knead some dough. The food was cooked with eggs from her hens, the pies were made with apples from her trees and the herbs for the roast came from her back garden.

 Liv gets her inspiration from her surroundings, the forest and friends & colleagues. But cookbooks also play a part.

I flick through cookbooks for inspiration all the time. But I don’t really have a favourite. 

I’ve always enjoyed green cooking and I feel it’s taking centre stage in modern society.

Livs advice to young, aspiring chefs is to be bold and to go for it. If you focus on what you love and are passionate about you will go far. You’ll make a lot of friends and meet a lot of interesting people as a chef.

I like working at AVEQIA because of the openness and freedom it offers.  Initiatives are appreciated and I’ve had an opportunity to learn how to communicate with people from all walks of life whilst sharing my passion for food!

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