Magnus Werdenskog

”Make mistakes, that’s how you learn!”

Magnus Werdenskog, Operations manager AVEQIA Göteborg.

Magnus Werdenskog has worked at two-star Aquavit in New York, one-star SK Mat och människor in Göteborg under Stefan Karlsson (Chef of the Year 1995), at Lisa Elmqvist in both Östermalms saluhall and at Sälfjällstorget in Sälen. Magnus has also held the sous chef position at restaurant Seaside..

Magnus was born and raised in the heart of Småland with forests, lakes and gardens right around the corner. His mother sparked his interest in food but since then he’s added a few new role models; Christer Elmqvist at restaurant Lisa Elmqvist who taught him everyting about the classic kitchen. The finesse he learnt from Emma Bengtsson and Simon Ek at Aquavit.

’’My upbringing plays a huge part in my cooking. When I create dishes I take inspiration from my childhood with fantastic produce, and then I add all the knowledge I’ve accumulated at restaurants I’ve worked in.’’

When Magnus cooks he wants it to be personal, so when he creates a dish he tends to avoid cookbooks and tv-programmes. He reminisces on treasured memories of food or starts with a specific ingredient in season. He works from that and hey presto! a new dish is complete. That said, he loves Tore Wretmans book “Mat och minnen”. Wretman was a legend that he wishes he’d had a chance to work with.

When asked where he likes to dine, Magnus says that it depends on your mood. He usually goes big once or twice a year, visiting a Michelin star restaurant and his best memory is from Blue Hill at Stone Barns outside New York. At the same time he enjoys the simplicity of sharing 5 dishes with a bunch of friends at a smaller restaurant. As long as the food is well cooked it doesn’t matter so much what it is!

When we ask him what drives him he simply says: Happy customers.

“To hear that a guest has had a fantastic experience or says that the food they’ve just had was the best thing they’d ever eaten gives me so much joy and a big smile on my face”

He likes working at AVEQIA because it’s not like working in a restaurant. Here you are able to inspire, learn and socialise. It’s an added bonus that so many of our guests are interested in food and cooking, you have the opportunity to answer lots of questions and discuss interesting things every day.

His best kitchen memory comes from New Years Eve at Aquavit in 2015.

“After a long day of a constantly packed restaurant we finished 30 minuter before midnight. My boss Emma came into the kitchen with a bag full of party hats, confetti and Champagne. We partied and went out into the streets of Manhattan. You can’t beat that feeling”

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