Chef Micha Taune

Micha Taune

“I slipped into the profession by accident – but that was lucky!”

Micha Taune, Chef AVEQIA Stockholm

Michas first food memory is of a “Big Bert” at Skara Sommarland – it must have been the largest hamburger a 3-year old had ever seen, let alone tried to eat. That burger wasn’t the starting point for Michas ambition to become a chef however, it was when one of his friends decided to go to chefs school that Micha decided to ditch the theoretical education he’d signed up for and tag along.

“I like working in an organised manner and that is something you really do in a kitchen!”

Micha is inspired by personal development as well as by being part of his guests’ experience, outside that, he takes a lot of inspiration and energy from fishing! Cookbooks feature as a source of inspiration as well, and one of his absolute favourites is Tommy Myllymäkis book “Grönsaker; tillbehör och garnityr”.

Tommy Myllymäkis book “Grönsaker; tillbehör och garnityr” – a fantastic book that has it all when it comes to vegetables!

When Micha goes out to dine he prefers places like Smak, Teatern and K25 – he likes having a lot of options. He rarely eats in fine dining restaurants, but he says Esperanto is fantastic and he’s really looking forward to trying out Volt!

Stop! At this point Micha wants to list his top 4 restaurant experiences:

The onion soup at Esperanto – simply perfect!

The scallop at Frantzén – there were two versions of this – both magical!

The bread at Bon Lloc – this was the first time I was served freshly baked bread at a fine dining restaurant…

Restaurang Mistral – unbeatable from start to finish!

When asked what’s influenced his cooking style and philosophy on food he says; “It varies of course, but lately it’s been Paul Svensson; (Micha has recently come to AVEQIA from a position of Head Chef at Fotografiska Event) – his thinking on sustainability, vegetables in focus and the future is extremely inspiring”

He’s also influenced by Sayan Isaksson, Daniel Höglander, Christoffer Ekman and Danyel Couet – all extremely good chefs that he’s had the privilege to work with.

His advice to aspiring chefs would be to learn the basics and focus on the work – it takes time to become a good chef! And to have the guts to question things and have your own opinion on things.

Flavour always comes first, it comes before startling techniques and cool concepts! If you can combine them, you are on to a winner.

Another tip is not to be too impressed by the world of TV-chefs!

Micha is driven by a his need to improve and evolve. He likes working at AVEQIA as it offers an opportunity to develop pedagogical and social skills, which is a new dimension that’s a lot of fun. He also describes it as stress free, relaxing and inspiring.

We ask him on his view on cooking as a team activity and he responds; it works really well – as everyone has a relationship with food. As group facilitator you have to find the specific triggers for each individual participant in order to make the activity extra fun- which makes things really interesting. It’s relaxed and for those who want that you can find competitive elements too.

When asked to describe one of his best kitchen memories he mentions the closing of Fredsgatan 12 and the afterparty. The unity of the group and atmosphere in the kitchen was amazing. I had to work through the shift “without” an Akilles tendon as I had a surgical appointment for the day after!

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