Michael Polgar

“It is a privilege to be able to work with your greatest interest and passion. To be able to talk about food, cook food and to think about food and be paid to do it. That is a dream come true for me!”

Michael Polgar, chef AVEQIA Göteborg

Michael grew up in Ankarsrum in Småland and it was his mothers’ cooking that provided the first inspiration to his chosen career.

“My mother cooked a lot when my brothers and I were young and I think it was her way of cooking everything from scratch that made me want to do the same thing.”

When asked about particularly memorable dishes, the answer comes without hesitation; his mothers’ “kroppkakor” and “Isterband sausages” really stand out.

Michael Polgar left a career in academia for a position behind the cooker, as he was unable to resist the chance to work with his biggest interest and passion – food! He is constantly inspired by friends and colleagues, as he loves to learn new things. His inside tip to budding chefs is to listen and take as much as you can onboard. Michael is also inspired by all types of food and he loves trying new cuisines. He really likes it when chefs are bold and do their own thing, not complicating things unneccessarily – when they create honest food where you can taste every ingredient and where the produce is at the centre of the experience.

Unsurprisingly, cookbooks also provide inspiration and Michael likes the book “Moderna stora kokboken” from the 1970’s. This is a book he consulted frequently when he was learning how to cook.

“Right now my favourite cookbook is”Modernist Cuisine” by Nathan Myhrvold. It discusses food in an extremely nerdy and scientific way – I love that!”

In the kitchen he’s driven by the desire to learn more and to work within a framework and limitations, that is when he’s the most creative. He says;

“Give me a challenge and I’ll take it on!”

He describes working at AVEQIA as the most enjoyable job there is if you like working with food. It’s a place where you are constantly meeting new people, teach and inspire, answer questions and cook food in a friendly atmosphere and without stress. What’s not to love about that?

“The best thing is that our guests leave AVEQIA with a new perspective on food and having gained new knowledge.”

His best food memory is from his childhood; when he and his brothers were growing up, taking turns cooking for the family alongside their mother or father. Happy times!

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