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Muni Asgeirsson

“Everyone in my family are absolutely mad about cooking, so my career choice was a bit of a foregone conclusion”

Muni Asgeirsson; Chef, AVEQIA Stockholm

Muni Asgeirsson grew up in Iceland and Sweden. His strongest food memory is of his mothers’ Saturday special; a north African chicken casserole – something that stands in stark contrast to most of our other chefs’ memories of cinnamon buns and Swedish “husmanskost”.

His interest in food has always been strong, and he tells us that his entire family is absolutely crazy about food. Family get-togethers often turn into an elaborate competition in whose sauce is the best or who marinated the best piece of meat. “So all things considered, it was only natural for me to become a chef” he says.

Muni’s inspired by farmers and the incredibly tough job they have. Their hard work gives him inspiration and produce to be creative with. When we as him which his favourite ingredient is he instantly says; onion! Onion is one of the most versatile ingredients there are in a kitchen.

Munis own drive comes from his desire to improve his skills. He says;

“The beauty with this profession is that you never stop learning!”

We discuss cooking as a team building excercise, and on this subject Muni declares that it’s extra satisfying to show people how to improve their cooking skills, and doing it as a group activity makes it even better. He feels that the best thing about working at AVEQIA is the awesome feeling of creating something unique with his guests every night!

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