Niklas Landner

”The more the merrier when you’re in the kitchen”

Niklas Landner, chef and sommelier AVEQIA Stockholm.

Amongst Niklas merits you can find one-star restaurant Lux, Gyldene Freden and restaurant Storstad.

It’s all about the seasons with Niklas. Different seasons gives us different ingredients, like white asparagus for example. When the short-lived delicacy arrives for a few weeks a year Niklas takes the opportunity to enjoy it with zander or lamb. Or why not on it’s own with some freshly made hollandaise?

Otherwise he likes to pick the best bits from each kitchen. He loves to mix French and Swedish cooking. On top of that he likes to use north African spices like caraway seeds and cinnamon.

But the most important thing for Niklas is the cooperation in the kitchen.

”Being a chef is very much about teamwork. When everyone is helping eachother and are having fun in the kitchen things turn out top notch.”

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