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What is Interactive Cooking?

Interactive Cooking  –
The ultimate relationship builder!

Welcome to a perfect activity where you can meet clients in a relaxed environment, reboot your team, chill out with friends or just enjoy great food and drinks together.

Back in 1999 David Berggren coined the phrase “Active Cooking” – “Interactive Cooking” in english. Although the phrase has been tweaked, the concept remains the same; it’s all about an event where people can meet and network around food and drink. Interactive Cooking is not a cooking class, but rather a way of socialising in a relaxed interactive environment with great food and drinks.

What makes Interactive Cooking special?

The true strength of the concept lies in what happens when people come together to cook a meal. The environment we have created is inviting and relaxed and encourages people to open up. Hierarchies, preconceived ideas and roles fall by the wayside and what remains is people creating a little bit of magic together. Interactive Cooking suits everyone.

Our Chefs have experience from some of the best restaurants around the world and they are as socially skilled as they are in the kitchen. Together with our special venues and amazing produce our Chefs make up the ideal platform for Interactive Cooking.

AVEQIA can be booked both as a corporate and private activity.



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