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Recruitment that sorts the wheat from the chaff

AVEQIAs interactive cooking experience puts cooperative ability, personal engagement, communication and social skills to the test.

AVEQIAs experienced chefs lead the participants through the exercise in a way that creates a relaxed atmosphere but that also highlights group dynamics and interaction between all participants.

Interactive cooking always is a “live” experience, in contrast to many group exercises that can feel slightly simulated or contrived. In AVEQIAs interactive cooking experience your candidates are put to the test in a situation that allows their personalities to come to the fore in a natural way. As the activity gets under way, all facades fall by the wayside and you are able to observe the participants various talents and abilities emerge. You will likely see things you would not have spotted in a traditional recruitment situation.

Over the years we’ve had the privilege to help a number of clients with their final recrutiment stage – an investment that can save your company a lot of money in the long run. If you’d like to know more about this – get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

When you are starting up new co-workers it’s always nice to be able to give them a flying start; and how better to do that than with an evening packed with learning, informal networking and great food that they’ve cooked themselves? Our interactive cooking experience creates a lasting feeling of joint purpose and accomplishment.



Interactive lunch and conference


At AVEQIA you can host your conference in a warm and inspiring enviroment at central locations in Stockholm..


Spice up your teambuilding event with Radical Collaboration


“The art of listening is a critical skill for increased and improved collaboration”

Have you ever considered how the way you (and others) listen can affect your relationships, and in the longer perspective; the way you collaborate.

Svante Ljungberg has for many years….

Svante is passionate about making organisations function better, and for the people within them to feel better, enjoy themselves, to work effectively and that their output is of the highest quality. This passion eventually led him to Radical Collaboration….

Through Radical Collaboration…

…and the methods that are found within the discipline Svante and AVEQIA now offer a selection of lectures that will enhance your corporate day out. Through learning different techniques for listening, collaboration and/or interest based problem solving your group will gain tools that’ll enable you to build confidence and trust both internally and externally; a condition for a happier working life and better business.

Svante often takes the role of change manager, project manager or investigator. He is a certified Business architect, Change Manager and Talent Manager. He is also licensed Management 3.0 Agile Coach and Certified Coach of Radical Collaboration.

Together with Svante AVEQIA can now offer three different lectures where you and your group explore Collaboration based on how much time you have at your disposal.

  1. The first option is a 30-minute inspirational lecture with practical applications of where Svante discusses listening as a tool to build trust. The art of good listening is basic for improved collaborative skills.
  2. The second option is a 60-minute lecture with practical excercises in Collaboration. Here you will find out what factors determine why collaboration works better contra worse with certain people, and what we need to do to improve our ability to create great, long term collaborative relationships.
  3. The last option is a 3-hour lecture and workshop in which you and your group explore interest based problem solving. This technique provides you with tools that will increase your ability of having your interests met whilst creating good long term relationships.

Does this make you curious? Give us a ring on 010-160 54 00 (AVEQIA Stockholm) or 010-160 54 50 (AVEQIA Gothenburg), alternatively fill out your details in the contact form and we’ll contact you for a discussion around your needs.


Methodic innovation with precision


“Innovation must be treated as any other mission-critical activity”

“It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate”

Innovation is critical for all companies who want to stay ahead in our ever changing world, and the ability to reinvent oneself is among the best valuable properties an organisation can have. But that ability needs to be underpinned by a pro-active and systematic approach, something that is not so easy to achieve in real life….

How do you work with innovation in your company today? Do you have the need to inject a more methodic approach to your innovation processes or do you need to boost your innovative leadership?

In partnership with Amplify

we are able to offer your team or management team an unbeatable day and evening packed with innovative thinking in our gastronomy-lab. We combine theoretic knowledge and process with practical application using gastronomy. You will gain valuable tools that can be implemented in your organisation when you return to the office.

Alternatively, if you’re at the beginning of your innovations journey and it’s vital you get your team charged up and primed for the challenge; we can offer a seminar on systematic innovation followed by an interactive cooking session.

Amplify works with companies such as Alfa Laval, Airbus, BMW, Electrolux, Ericsson, H&M, Saab Group, Siemens, Skistar, TeliaSonera among others in their effort to build innovative ability at the highest level!

Click on the images below to read more about Amplifys previous work

Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Does this spark your interest? Do you want to know how your organisation can benefit from a workshop with Amplify and AVEQIA? Give us a call or send us your contact details in the form below and we’ll be in touch for a discussion around your requirements.




Teambuilding through cooking

Interactive Cooking & Dining is a perfect teambuilding and corporate activity. The ability to collaborate and work as a team is put to the test and developed.

The participants are divided into teams that are responsible for the preparation of one dish in an overall menu that you consume together. By working under the guidance of our professional chefs you will feel the pulse of a real restaurant kitchen where exact timing and collaboration is crucial.

The focus can also be aimed at the roles and dynamics within the group to further enhance the teambuilding aspect of the activity. Interactive Cooking & Dining is exciting and challenging, but a relaxed excercise where you and your colleagues have to come together in order to achieve the final objective; relaxing and dining together as a group.

Contact us and let us know your requirements so we can assist in creating the perfect event for you.

If you want to add extra edge to your day with us, we are able to offer a number of add-on modules i collaboration with our partners. We can offer interesting speakers from Profile AgencyInnovation workshops with Amplify, Inspirational workshops in Radical Collaboration or Selfleadership with Brave Coach Malcolm Larri.

Click on the links above to read more about these partners!

Would you like more information on teambuilding at AVEQIA or would you like to make a booking? Please contact us by filling out the form below alternatively give us a ring on 010-160 54 00 (Stockholm) or 010-160 54 50 (Göteborg) and we’ll help you tailor a teambuilding day based on your requirements.




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Kick-off at AVEQIA


Kick-off – a great start to the season!

All teams need a good start to the season, and what could be better than an inspiring collaborative exercise around the creation of fantastic food with AVEQIAs top chefs?

Interactive cooking, where your party is divided into teams that have to deliver the dishes in a three- or four course menu, is the perfect energiser and team building exercise when you want to start up a team or important project. The activity  emphasises how important every single participant is and the result is utterly dependent on the collaborative skills of your team. The delicious tasting menu that you cook together is a nice finish or perhaps an inspiring break to the day. Interactive Cooking can be carried out any time of the day – just let us know what would work best for you and your group. We can also offer excellent conference facilities for groups of varying sizes.

Fill out or enquiry form below, alternatively; give us a call and we’ll be able to assist you in creating an event to suit your requirements.



Njut av matlagning med kock - Aveqia

Interactive Cooking & Dining

AVEQIA’s Interactive Cooking & Dining experience adds unique value to your meeting.

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Interactive lunch and conference

Conference at AVEQIA


Conference in inspiring surroundings

At AVEQIA you can host your conference in a warm and inspiring enviroment at central locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We can host groups of varying size depending on your preferred seating arrangement and other requirements. You can also combine your conference with our popular Interactive cooking activity, either as a lunch time break out exercise, or to round the day off in a relaxing and engaging way.

1. Conferences and meetings

Holding your meeting or conference with us is perfect. The creative environment offered by cooking studio allows ideas to flow unobstructed. We can handle large events, different types of conferences, seminars, breakfast meetings and presentations. We always guarantee the privacy you need when you hold an event at AVEQIA.

2. Activation and engagement

By boosting your conference at AVEQIA with Interactive cooking you are able to create values that are difficult to attain in a regular conference. Cooking together unites your group and activates your participants in a unique way.

Do you want to make joint decisions, open participants up to new ideas or reflect on current issues – if so, Interactive Cooking is the activity you need. You will be given opportunity to open your senses and minds for lateral thinking and innovation whilst gathering around a meal of the highest standards. Our experienced chefs guide you through the menu whilst inspiring you with their knowledge and passion for food.

Our Menues
Our Chefs

3. Lunch or dinner

You can choose to boost your conference with an Interactive Cooking experience at lunch or dinner, depending on how much time you have at your disposal. Our lunchtime experience takes about 2.5 hours and the dinner time experience takes approximately 4.5 hours.

4. After your event….

The day with us doesn’t end with your cooking experience. We offer you the opportunity to hold your your guests attention a little longer.

Menus and recipes

The recipes for the delicious food you cooked together is a nice memory for all guests. The day after your event we will email you links to the menu, recipes and wine information so that your guests are able to re-create the magic from the day before.

Share images

A party without pictures didn’t happen, and your guests own photos are incredibly valuable in building the feeling of affinity and fellowship. At the event you will have access to a camera so you and your guests can take your own photos. The day after we will forward you the link to your images so you are able to distribute these to the group.


Njut av matlagning med kock - Aveqia

Interactive Cooking & Dining

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Interactive lunch and conference


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