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Digital cooking


Digital cooking at AVEQIA

When everybody’s working from home or if you have colleagues widely distributed over a large geographical area it’s difficult to gather all your colleagues for joint activity. At times like this it can be fun to run a digital cooking session as a part of a conference or team day to boost motivation.  Alternatively you can gather your group for a joint dinner with or without conference elements.

When you hire AVEQIA for a digital cooking session we can arrange everything from recipes, distribution of groceries as well as provide you with a chef to stand in front of the camera, leading your team through the steps of actual cooking. We can arrange the technical details or we can work with your  own production team.

The program can vary based on your purpose and objective with the exercise, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in discussing the options for your dream scenario.

Your digital cooking session can of course be combined with an inspirational talk or workshop. We can offer you a wide range of alternatives through our partners Profile Agency, Malcolm Larri or Amplify.

You can also combine your cooking session with a digital tasting session if you want to go all in with the gastronomy!

Do you represent a company that is searching for a cooking studio to hire for filming/photography/cook-alongs or similar? Please look no further, just click here.


Cooking studio hire


Do you represent a company in the food and beverage industry and have a need to hire a cooking studio for filming, photography, press events or test cooking?

In that case; the search is over! AVEQIA has 600 square metres consisting of 6 individual cooking studios in different sizes, centrally located in Stockholm. Here you are able to book space for filming, photo sessions, digital wine tastings, menu generation or sampling events – the sky’s the limit. Our kitchens are fully equipped with extractor fans, hobs, ovens, vacuum drawers, chill blasters, air purifiers and refrigerators*, so you are able to cook, style, promote or educate to your hearts content.

We’re used to running digital cooking sessions, so if you need a chef in front of the camera – look no further. We can also assist with recipe creation and food kit assembly if you so desire. You could say that we are a one-stop-shop for all types of food-, beverage-, and cooking activities.

Do you need more information or do you want to discuss an idea? Just fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 08-522 703 70.

*all our equipment from our partner Electrolux and is the latest technology in the market.


Aktiv matlagning Stockholm - Aveqia

Venue hire & Special events


Venue hire at AVEQIA

With our 4 large kitchen studios and a hall that can house 300 guests we are pleased to offer our unique premises for venue hire. Here it feels natural to offer different vendors the opportunity to show their products and offer samples, or why not encourage your attendees to engage in an activity?  Our chefs can assist in creating a complete experience around food and drink.

If you are interested in organising an intimate trade show in the F&B industry, or perhaps a cooking competition; you will struggle hard to find a better venue than AVEQIA Stockholms large cooking studio in central Stockholm. Here you are able to display marketing materials and offer your guests access to our kitchens and experienced chefs.

Over the years we and our venue have hosted a number of TV/Advertising and film shoots, cooking competitions, press-and product launches as well as tourist boards who have invited guests to experience the unique flavours of their country. Here you are able to bring your own chefs alternatively; use our extremely experienced team. The venue offers a relatively neutral environment which allows you to bring in your own branding and styling in line with your needs.

If you are arranging a large event where you want a food- and beverage component – give us a call! We have a wealth of experience and can assist you in the planning process.

It is of course possible to host events with us that requires a central venue but is totally unrelated to food; and in these cases we’re happy to assist you with drinks, canapees or fingerfood.


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Interactive Cooking & Dining

AVEQIA’s Interactive Cooking & Dining experience adds unique value to your meeting.

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Catering and Private Chef


Off-site gastronomy

AVEQIAs chefs create great ambience by providing delicious food at your large / small event, wedding, board meeting, student reception, company party or intimate dinner at home with a private chef.

A successful event should always have great food. AVEQIA will help you secure this, regardless if you require catering for your company event, a private chef to cook dinner at your house, or a three-course seated dinner in an airplane hangar.

With a complete catering permit we can assist you in the creation of fantastic events with excellent food and drink at your offsite event. We have experience delivering great food in all kinds of environments so don’t hesitate; just contact us for a discussion around your ideas and requirements and we’ll help you build your event.

Prices vary depending on what your requirements are, but buffés start from 595:-/person.  Three course dinners cost from 1295:-/person. Chefs on site, glass-and china hire, transport and waitress service are extra. We also have a minimum spend policy per event.

Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll be able to give you a more exact price.



We love food. And we love cooking together with others because we know that gastronomy can bring people..

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Private Dining

Interactive lunch and conference


Methodic innovation with precision

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